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Our Mission Towards Accessible Education

Our Mission Towards Accessible Education

The right to an education is a fundamental human right to which everyone should have equal access. Schools assist children in becoming well-rounded and useful members of society so they may not be able to contribute optimally if they do not learn the vital lessons and values taught in school. This will not only affect the children, but also the economic, social, and cultural growth of their respective countries.

Despite this fact, there are still many underprivileged children and youth all over the world who are unable to exercise their right to an education, owing to a variety of issues, such as discrimination and poverty.

Recognizing this disparity, we at America Friends of Searchlight Mamfe Afosma, a non-profit organization, put our best efforts to break down this gap, beginning with our work with Cameroonian children.

Through our humanitarian programs in Billerica, Massachusetts, we get the opportunity to raise public awareness and increase support for our advocacy to help underprivileged children in Cameroon experience better schooling and enhance their quality of life. We find this crucial since education can:

  • Reduce poverty by half
  • Give children the opportunity to reach their greatest potential
  • Reduce child labor
  • Boost global health
  • Increase economic growth

All these and more are attainable through our combined efforts! If you wish to know more about our programs and the many ways you can help, contact us so we can walk you through the whole process!

Take part in our cause toward providing quality education and career training in Massachusetts today!

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