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Calling all individuals who wish to be a part of our cause!
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Searchlight, in the past years, has registered volunteers from Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Volunteers participate in all aspects of the AFOSMA’s school operations.

Volunteers benefit from the exchange of skills, culture, and history of the people around Mamfe.

Travel Guidelines for Cameroon VISA

An entry VISA for Cameroon is required. Please allow up to 2 weeks for VISA processing.

It is also advisable to confirm the VISA requirements with the Embassy or High Commission before applying, so there are no problems with your application. Often, the requirements will be found on the website of the Embassy or High Commission in your country.

As of 2015, the basic requirements are:

  • Passport
  • Application
  • Applicant Fee
  • Single Passport Size Photo
  • Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination
  • Certified Invitation Letter
  • Proof of Covid19 test/Vaccine

The Certified Invitation Letter is sent to the volunteer via email upon confirmation between AFOSMA and the volunteer of the intended stay. Because of the certification process, this can take a few days depending on the urgency.

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