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  • Agbor Miracle

    She is called Agbor Miracle in class 2, an orphan with Searchlight mamfe since 2021 one. She lost her father in the ambazonian crisis. From EYUMOJOCK now an IDP in MAMFE

  • Nauman Daniella

    Nauman Daniella is her name, she is an Orphan from Olitti- Akwaya, she lost her parents in the Ambazonian war as a result of a military attack on separatist fighters who were based in their village. Collateral damage as we can say it.

  • Agbor Gabriel

    Agbor Gabriel, is in Nursery 1, an orphan with Searchlight MAMFE since in 2021. Her father was the Ekok -Mamfe road driver who lost his life on active service along this trench of road as a result of the gunshot exchanges between the separatist fighters and the Cameroonian regular army. Since the demise of their daddy, life has not been the same again

  • Vakaa Esther

    Vakaa Esther, an orphan under Searchlight Sponsorship since 2021, she lost her parents as a result of the inter tribal war that escalated in AKWAYA Manyu division.presently in class

Your donations help the youth of Cameroon experience proper education.

AFOSMA depends on the generosity of its members and sympathizers to execute its projects. Your donations, financial or material, will help us restore the hopes of many children/youths.

Ways to Help

1.) School Needs
Complete sponsorship. This is set up for Orphans and Vulnerable children (IDPs).

FCFA Dollars
Tuition: 30,000 60
Food and drinks: 20,000 40
Registration: 10,000 20
Administrative costs: 4,275 10
Schoolbooks: 16,000 32
Uniform: 5,000 10
Occasional wear: 5,500 11
Pullover: 5,000 10
Sport wear: 3000 6
Transportation: 30,000 60
TOTAL 144,775 260.33
Total/term 49 87
* School Fees should reach the school mid of August,

If you wish to become part of our child sponsorship program, feel free to send us a message, to, we will send you our child sponsorship form and details. Thanks for restoring hope to orphaned children.

2.) Donate a School Bus to transport the kids to and from school as well as bring them for other events like games, national examinations and practical. The cost of a used school bus , shipment and custom duties amounts to $48000.
3.) Donate Laptops and accessories to facilitate studies. $800
4.) The Construction of Classrooms. A classroom equipped with desks locally will cost $16000
5.) Donate books, cloths, shoes, food, toys, didactic materials etc.
6.) Ball hole renovation and installation $8000
7.) Donate a Generator to provide electricity in School

You can also send us a message at a time of your convenience.