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We are the agency that stands for holistic education accessible by all.
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accessible, holistic education for children in Cameroon, developing programs and supplying them with resources to finish schooling.


Who We Are

America Friends of Searchlight Mamfe (AFOSMA) was founded in 2017 by a group of professionals of various backgrounds to promote the humanitarian programs in Billerica, Massachusetts facilitated by our institution. Members donate and carry out fundraising activities to support our advocacy to help underprivileged children in Cameroon experience better schooling.

Our Story

Sabinelly Philanthropic Foundation (SEPFO) was formed on August 23, 2003, by Elvis Mbi and registered in 2006 under the Cameroons 1990 Law on Association with Registration No: G.38/C.64/VIII/555 of September 08, 2006, as a community based non-profit organization. Our common interest is to provide quality basic education and training to orphans and less privileged children in Africa.

In the autumn of 2006, our group founded the “Searchlight School” in Mamfe in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. The project has mainly been enabled and financed by private donations. Moreover, the school fees paid by the students also help maintain the project. The school is led by Cameroonian partners in Mamfe and mainly aims to support underprivileged children, mostly girls – for the schoolgirls of today are the mothers and breadwinners of tomorrow.

The parents of the disadvantaged children are either separated, deceased, displaced, sick, out of work, or underage. In Mamfe alone, more than 2,900 children are registered as full or half-orphans. The five years of Anglophone crisis have also caused displacement among more than 4,000 people and currently are in refugee camps in neighboring Nigeria.

Board of Directors

  • founder

    Elvis Mbeng Mbi

    Position: President/ CEO
    Profession: Mortgage Contractor

  • Dr. Andrew Ferree

    Dr. Andrew Ferree

    Position: Director
    Profession: Neurologist

  • Yvonne

    Akwo Yvonne Echuku

    Position: Treasurer
    Profession: Guidance Counselor/Linux System Administrator

  • Rabbi Melvin May

    Mr. Rabbi Melvin May

    Position: Board Chairperson
    Profession: Clergy

  • Takang Julius Etchu

    Takang Julius Etchu

    Position: Secretary
    Profession: Mental Health Specialist

  • martin

    Martin Lakem Ndifon

    Position: West Africa Coordinator
    Profession: Drilling Engineer

  • edwin

    Edwin Ebot

    Position: AFOSMA CAMEROON Coordinator
    Profession: College Principal/Accounting Teacher
    Address: Mamfe -Cameroon

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