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The Consequences of Having Poor Education


Not receiving a proper education can have serious consequences. Part of the problem is a lack of motivation to pursue an education. Understanding the importance of education and the consequences of not receiving it is critical. As purveyors of quality basic education, we would like to shed light on the consequences if we do not get to help today.

  • Unequal Views on Gender
    Not receiving an education can have serious consequences for an individual’s voice. It can stifle the development of skills required to represent oneself. This is exemplified further by the continued oppression of women in developing countries.
  • Unemployment
    Education is frequently used to determine employability in many countries. These countries rely on educated workers to grow their economies and workforces. Thus, career training in Massachusetts is provided to aid people needing jobs.
  • Encourages Exploitation
    Many people with limited education must resort to extremely dangerous jobs just to make a living. Education through our non-profit organization can provide secure employment, but people may struggle to advance without it.
  • Poor Parenting
    Uneducated parents face challenges such as being unable to assist their children with their homework or not knowing how to help them reach their full potential. Children of uneducated parents typically lag behind their peers in cognitive development and literacy levels.
  • Poverty Trap
    This can result in an intergenerational poverty gap, which means that children of those already in poverty are more likely to be at risk. Education allows people to access the knowledge they need to make a living.

America Friends of Searchlight Mamfe Afosma offers Humanitarian Programs in Billerica, Massachusetts, that advocates for basic education in Cameroon. To help us, please get in touch at 781-325-2445.

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