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Give Underprivileged Cameroonian Youth the Right to Learn

Give Underprivileged Cameroonian Youth the Right to Learn

Quality Basic Education is, unfortunately, an unattainable basic right for most Cameroonian children. Even with Basic Education being compulsory and offered almost free in public schools, education is relatively low because of overcrowded classrooms. Often, they lack qualified teachers and proper school structures (classrooms, libraries, playgrounds, water points, toilet facilities, etc.).

Most youth cannot afford exorbitant fees charged in private schools that offer quality basic education provided by churches, individuals, or civic institutions.

As such, America Friends of Searchlight Mamfe AFOSMA, a non-profit organization, with headquarters in Billerica Massachusetts, makes it its mission to provide quality basic education and training to orphans and less privileged children in Africa.

We help underprivileged youth and teen mothers receive basic education and support through our humanitarian programs. It is our aim to help them have a second chance in life, giving them access to opportunities and earning income in the future.

AFOSMA provides scholarships to orphans and Vulnerable children. We provide Educational support, such as:

  • Uniforms
  • Fees
  • Books and other reading materials
  • Writing tools
  • Shoes
  • Schoolbags
  • And meals on school days

Through career training program, our organization aids mothers in learning the following to help them have jobs or support their children at home:

  • Basic skills in computer software training
  • Dressmaking and marking
  • Poultry and vegetable farming
  • Motorcycle Repairs
  • Medical Care and placements.

Most disadvantaged children’s parents are either separated, deceased, displaced, sick, out of work, or underage. In Mamfe alone, more than 2,900 children are registered as full or half-orphans.

Do you wish to donate to our cause? Help us uplift less privileged youth through education and career training. Should you want to sponsor or volunteer, please feel free to send us a message.

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